The Portishead sampling song “Belong To The World” from The Weeknd first surfaced through some grainy phone footage from a live show. Now, it has a complete video, which finds Abel in Japan again. This time around the focus is on an army (which, for all we know, could be in his mind) that has its sights set on the woman he supposedly loves. The story has been told before, but instead of taking the traditional strip club music video route it morphs into an odd modern dance number centered around her.
Even with the distorted drums of “Machine Gun” firing off in the background, the song sounds cleaner than Abel’s early work. Whether this track will actually see the light of day is questionable considering Geoff Barrow of Portishead’s reaction to it, which you can see below:

The Weeknd rose to prominence with the his Trilogy mixtapes, which captured the Internet and real world alike. Since then he’s put together his debut album for a release this year and appeared on some big name collaborations, namely Drake and Wiz Khalifa. Rumored to be released at the end of the summer, Kiss Land will show us if he can progress beyond the sounds and content of the Trilogy. Check out the video for “Belong To The World” below.