With the release of Comedown Machine only weeks away, the Strokes are working extra hard to show the world that they’re a happy group of dudes making music together and not a bunch of estranged friends, and what’s the best way for a band to look like they’re having fun? A tour video! The short clip for “All The Time” is like a video yearbook for the iconic New York garage-rock group, mixing concert footage with quick shots of the band goofing around—playing ping pong, drinking out of giant cocktail glasses, eating grapes, jamming with Lou Reed—you know, the type of stuff a teenager would assume the Strokes do all the time.
Despite the obviousness of the concept, it’s a warm, enjoyable throwback video that fits with the song’s vintage early-’00s Strokes sound. If you’ve missed leather-jacket-sporting Strokes of yore, this is a nice trip down memory lane. Check out the video below.

Comedown Machine comes out on March 26 via RCA.