San Francisco scuzz-summoners the Soft Moon make haunting, frantic music that’s best enjoyed in the dark. The band’s 2012 album Zeros could soundtrack a pretty frightening haunted house or at the very least a spooky walk through a graveyard, so it not surprising that it would inspire some pretty out there visuals.
Today the band shared an appropriately creepy video for the track “Die Life.” The black and white clip finds the group performing in front of a wall of TV’s displaying nothing but static. As the song progresses, getting even more twitchy and noisy, the TV’s start to fall like books tumbling off a shelf. Yikes. Not the kinda TV party I’d like to attend, but an appropriate fit for the song’s dread-filled, paranoid sound. Check it out, below.

If you’re in New York, you can catch the Soft Moon at the Mercury Lounge tonight.