Together Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland form the eccentric duo known as Hype Williams. Followers of the band will be familiar with their Stalker video series, each of which features the “I’ve been watching you” beat. Keeping with tradition, they’ve just uploaded the latest video installment in the series. Felony / Stalker 7 features Blunt traipsing up and down a barren road while crooning into a camera. Underneath his voice, lo-fi guitar strumming and synthetic strings set the mood. It’s typical Hype Williams behavior and something we’ve yet to grow tired of. The group’s last album, One Nation, was released in 2011 on Hippos In Tanks.
For the last few years, often without warning, Hype Williams have put out abstract pop albums with noticeable punk overtones. This has captured the attention of not only their avid fan base, but labels like Hyperdub and The Trilogy Tapes. Their makeshift recording process and lack of public appearances has made them a curious group in a world of readily available information. Watch Felony / Stalker 7, below.