Turns out you don’t have to be cruel to be kind; you can just be kind. That’s the big takeaway from this joyfully odd video for “House,” a wispy, disco track off of World, You Need A Change Of Mind, the debut full-length from Kindness, the dream-pop project of U.K. artist Adam Bainbridge.
Bainbridge and Dan Brereton directed the deadpan yet oddly poignant video, which finds Bainbridge teaching a young boy named Ramon how to construct “House” from a drum machine and keyboard. The highly educational clip starts with Bainbridge explaining his own interest in pop music. “It’s completely of, by and for the kids,” he says. “And by kids I mean from 8-years-old to 25.” This point becomes abundantly clear as the video builds toward a wonderfully silly dance-off/sing-along between Bainbridge and Ramon. Like the Wu-Tang Clan, Kindess is for the children.
Kindness’s World, You Need A Change Of Mind is out now via Female Energy/Polydor, and he’ll be playing at Le Poisson Rouge in New York on May 17. Check him out–you might learn something.