Brooklyn rock grpup the Antlers have released an oddly timed but surprisingly powerful video for “Drift Dive,” a languid track off their recent Undersea mini-album. The video takes the song’s aquatic themes very seriously, sending the viewer on a slow, beautiful underwater voyage. Considering the ongoing storm that has overtaken the East Coast, the video will be either disquieting or soothing depending on how you feel about water right now.
The band has responded to the peculiar timing of the video’s debut on their Facebook page, writing the following:

Considering all that’s just happened in NYC, today is a strange day to debut our new video, but it feels oddly appropriate too.

James Case-Leal created this beautiful piece to accompany “Drift Dive”. We hope it provides you with some comfort in the face of all this devastation.

We love you, New York.

Watch the video, below.