Earlier this week, dream-pop foursome TEEN released Carolina, their follow-up album that chips some of the layers off the thick-coated sounds of 2012’s In Limbo. Today they released the video for the title track, “Carolina” and it’s just such a sweet thing. A rosy portrait of manic-depression in the Big Apple.
Brooklyn performance artist and choreographer Megha Barnabas directed the video, and also stars as the Manic Pixie Dream Girl that rocks the floral onesie. Under the veneer of what resembles the 1977 Instagram filter, is the story of a gal of sweet simplicities who finds herself at odds with the Wall Street stiffs who don’t want a flower from her bouquet (literally). It’s the perfect storyline for TEEN’s whimsical psych-pop track. For a mid-day smile, watch the video for “Carolina,” below.