Sonny & the Sunsets

Sonny & the Sunsets

On their just announced fifth album, California roots-pop band, Sonny And The Sunsets, seem to be about to ditch any remaining simple notions folks might have of their guitar jangle. Talent Night At The Ashram, out February 17 on Polyvinyl, supposedly started as a series of scripts for some short films, an idea that leader Sonny Smith soon scrapped and turned right back into an album. But from the sounds of this first song, and its attendant amazing animated vid clip, the lo-fi charms of indie flick idea-tossing have indeed infiltrated the Sunsets’ sound.

Cheap Extensions has a roused-from-slumber, clanky vibe whose beat gets more infectious as the song progresses, some analog synth and falsetto vocals sneak in, all in service to muddled lyrics about a guy who likes some girl’s cheap extensions. And the video, featuring fascinatingly scratched-up, mixed media imagery, shows what can happen to you if you follow a simple obsession too far, as our lead lad floats through increasingly strange and dangerous adventures. For many indieland bands, animated music videos have often become cheap, quickie, junior year art class level knock-offs, but this is a truly arresting and fun clip, one of the best animated videos we’ve seen in awhile. Check it out below, and the album’s artwork and tracklist below that.

Sonny and the Sunsets, - Talent Night At The Ashram

Sonny and the Sunsets, – Talent Night At The Ashram

Tracklist For Talent Night At The Ashram:
01. The Application
02. Cheap Extensions
03. The Secluded Estate
04. Talent Night At The Ashram
05. Alice Leaves For The Mountains
06. Happy Carrot Health Food Store
07. Blot Out The Sun
08. Baby Jokin
09. Icelene’s Loss
10. Secret Plot