Monsters, mermaids, and onesie cupcake pajamas, oh my! The new short film/music video from French musician and actress Soko has all that and more to satisfy any street monster love you may be craving today. The short film was recorded on VHS around Silverlake, L.A. and features Ariel Pink on the title track “Monster Love”. The calming track finds Soko and Pink’s voices swirling in and out of ethereal soundscapes to perfectly soundtrack the video’s voyage towards love.
The clip features a lonesome Edward Scissorhands-looking monster on the quest for romance. He’s heartbroken when the mermaid of his dreams (he literally dreams about this mermaid) does not return his affection. But fear not, monster love enthusiasts: happy days are moments away once “I Just Want to Make It New With You” starts to play. The protagonist monster (played by Morgan Krantz) soon finds love with another monster (Soko). And then they make out in onesie pajamas, which everyone knows is a sign of true love. Watch “Monster Love” below via Nowness.