Sleigh Bells End Of The Line, Sleigh Bells Video, Sleigh Bells CMJ
Usually the release of a new Sleigh Bells video means the noise-pop duo will share some goofy yet iconic imagery—think singer Alexis Krauss jumping on a bed with a shotgun in the ridiculous “Comeback Kid” clip—but in their latest video for Reign Of Terror stand-out “End Of The Line” the band gets downright subtle. Or, at least, Sleigh Bells subtle.
The video begins with the sound of crickets and some pastoral imagery before launching into the song’s melancholy marching band beat. We then see guitarist Derek Miller (who co-directed the video with Gregory Kohn) riding a little yellow bicycle through sun-drenched suburban streets like he’s racing to school in a John Hughes movie. This footage is then intercut with Krauss wandering a desolate landscape in a nightgown and writhing around in a candle-lit room. No guns or explosions, but, hey, at least they’re still wearing sunglasses!
Watch the video below and check out the band’s tour dates here.