Producer and visual artist Slava’s latest record, Raw Solutions, appropriated the sounds of Chicago, New York, and London and bottled them up into a relentless excursion as seen through the eyes of an outsider. Now, Slava has released a video for one of the album’s highlights, the Ciara-sampling “Girl Like Me”. The video follows two siblings as they spend a day together playing games in the arcade, jumping in the ocean and driving around. Near the end, the clip delves into questionable and disturbing territory, but with the track’s constant vocals, minimal melodies and swing, it becomes weirdly entrancing.  
Each of Slava’s records opens a completely new chapter in his musical career. First there were the hip-hop leaning and vocal-led songs of Sunflower. Then he partnered up with Washington D.C.’s Future Times crew and started to dig deeper into dance music, creating one of his most original hybrid tracks ever with “Dreaming Tiger”. Now he seems to have washed the remainder out with Raw Solutions creating a slightly off-kilter full length of Chicago-style party music. Get a taste of it with the “Girl Like Me” video below.