There’s no doubt that Schoolboy Q has completely erupted all over the hip-hop scene with his new LP, Oxymoron, featuring collaborators like Pharrell, Tyler, the Creator, Kendrick Lamar and Raekwon. He just dropped the video for What They Want, featuring 2 Chainz, which consists of shots of the two rappers in a post-Katrina New Orleans: creepy, abandoned buildings, red-lit strip clubs, empty parking lots, gray graveyards and backlit churches. Some masked grim-reapers also make an appearance at one point, as well as a despondent-looking tuba player and a few strippers. The deliberately fragmented video fits the eerie backbeats and aggressive rhymes of What They Want, and communicates a pretty intense and destructive vibe. I guess Schoolboy’s right that this is the kind of charged and cryptic music we want.