Ryan Hemsworth is a cool DJ guy now. He’s produced tracks for the Underacheivers, started a free download project for his music-making friends, and last year’s Guilt Trips LP was an effortlessly casual but still tight piece of genre-blending beat work. Now, along with director Martin C. Pariseau, Hemsworth has gone ahead and flipped it with the “most boring video of 2014” for his Guilt Trips cut One For Me, featuring Tinashe.
Here’s what Hemsworth said about the video, via Spin:

Martin approached me about making “the most boring video for 2014.” At this point in my life, I realized it would be a great thing to do because the Super Cool DJ lifestyle is one associated with being the life of the party and never having a dull moment. The truth is that it’s mostly made up of moments waiting around and hanging out by yourself. The track itself is already about walking through the middle of a crowd feeling alone. So driving around Montreal in a Lamborghini yawning felt like a good way of showing how awesome and equally solitary it can get sometimes.

Yawning In A Lamborghini will most likely be the name of Hemsworth’s next album. Watch the video below.