Psychic Ills has always been a band to flirt with the unusual. In their ten years as a psych-rock outfit, the group’s attitude has always been, “Let’s get creepy.” And Psychic Ills have continued that mantra in their new video for “See You There” off this year’s LP, One Track Mind. Now, getting someone to sport a silver alien costume in public is definitely one way to put your video in the supernatural bracket. But it’s not just about checking out an extra-terrestrial ass on the streets of Brooklyn. Director and Psychic Ills frontman Tres Warren has thrown in some dark undertones to move the video up the scale of the uncanny.
The truly unsettling aspect of the clip isn’t that there could be aliens among us. It lies more in the big question the video nudges you towards, which is, “Are we even really here?” All the humans in the film appear to be functioning normally, but they’re completely detached from their surroundings and, more specifically, the alien walking among them. It’s not unusual to see weird stuff in New York, but still. The video is made ten times creepier by the fact that the track is soundtracked by an eerie art-rock gem.