The Ghost of the Hotel
Halloween might be over, but you can keep the creep dream alive with an Odd Future original soon-to-be-cinematic-classic, The Ghost Of The Hotel. The homemade horror vignette features an all-star cast, including Tyler, The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Jasper Dolphin, Lionel Boyce and Taco. Here’s the movie’s synopsis, courtesy of the OF Youtube account: “A Little Girl Dies By The Stairs In A Hotel And Detective Ray And Tony Has To Find Out Who Did It Before Its Too Late……….” Let’s dive in, shall we?
Like any good cerebral, Lynchian horror-drama, the film’s plot is nearly impossible to follow. Mostly it’s just the crew running around under florescent lighting trying to capture a sheet-clad ghost and fighting with each other. A few scenes are shot upside-down. The best part is the group’s collective attempt at ridiculously growly film noir voices and Earl’s sincerely funny catchphrase, a nasally, drawn-out “I knooooowwww.” Plus, there’s a plot twist at the end! I think.