Nick Cave is known for writings lyrics packed with stark, unsettling imagery. Arthouse provocateur Gaspar Noé is primarily known for making movies filled with stark, unsettling images (and crazy flashing lights too). You’d think the two would get together and create something totally bonkers, right?
Well, I was totally wrong. Turns out the Gaspar Noé video for Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds’ “We No Who U R” is a pretty simple and somber affair, with a long take of a shadowy figure walking through the woods as the creepy, keyboard-driven track plays over it. It’s odd, but not necessarily in the ways you’d expect it to be. No gratuitous violence. No graphic sex. It’s almost… restrained? Check it out, below.

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds will release their 15th studio album, Push The Sky Away, on February 19, and you can check out their tour dates with Sharon Van Etten here.