Earlier today, indie-rock powerband The National released a holiday-appropriate video for the heartrending track, I Need My Girl, off its 2013 album, Trouble Will Find Me. There’s definitely no question as to why they released it today of all days: the tune, along with the video that accompanies it, is an effortlessly beautiful combination of Matt Berninger’s perfectly lugubrious voice with an understated and easy-on-the-ears guitar riff.
The new video (directed by Sophia Peer, who also created the videos for “Sea Of Love” and “Graceless”), matches the song’s impeccable melancholy with stunning black and white shots of couples slowly spinning in space. The visuals are simplistic, sweet, and at times a little eerie and nostalgic, qualities that together make us feel kind of like we’re children from the ‘50s watching one of those antique, spinning music boxes. Whether you’re totally depressed today or totally in love, this video will definitely make you feel something. Watch below.