When Eiffel 65 sang “I’m blue da ba dee da ba die” back in 1999, it never could have known that Lizzy Plapinger of the art-damaged NYC pop duo MS MR would take the lyrics quite so literally. As you can tell from the image above, Plapinger goes into full-Smurf mode in the odd yet tantalizing video for the group’s single “Hurricane,” off the band’s recent EP.
The band released a different version of the video almost a year ago, but the new clip, directed by Luke Gilford, represents a considerable jump in ambition for the group, which will release its debut full-length, Secondhand Rapture, on May 14 via Columbia. The new video features smoking, weightlifting and a pretty awesome swimsuit with Plapinger’s face on it. Also, there’s lots of shots of a mysterious goo coming out of people’s mouths and scalps. I’m not exactly sure how it all fits together, but take a look for yourself below.