It’s Friday, rest and relief are just on the horizon and soon you’ll lay down your burden and let your worries drift away. To help, we have a video for you from L.A. singer/songwriter Mia Doi Todd singing a classic Afro-Samba tune from Brazilian songwriters Vinícius De Moraes and Baden Powell. “Canto De Iemanjá,” which appears on Doi Todd’s Cosmic Ocean Ship LP released earlier this year as well as the Red Hot + Rio 2 compilation, is a tune as smooth as the Pacific that hums with ambient sitar, grand piano and bongo beats. The centerpiece is Todd’s voice, which is nothing short of angelic.
It fits the video like a silk glove as Todd and fellow acolytes pay homage to an ocean goddess worshiped still today in Bahia, Salvador and Brazil. Iemanjá’s holiday is February 2 and is celebrated with offerings to the ocean of watermelons, flowers and perfume—you know, stuff that goddesses are really into. There’s dancing too and great costumes, designed by Todd herself no less. They even set a little boat out to sea with the deity’s statue in it, and somewhere, deep beneath the ocean, Iemanjá no doubt looks on approvingly.