Guitar-shredder and dog-enthusiast Marnie Stern released her shining, triumphant jewel of an album, The Chronicles Of Marnia, just last week. One of the album’s highlights, “Immortals,” finds Stern singing about how “Immortals don’t die!” and the video for the track takes that core concept to some pretty silly places.
The clip, directed by Allie Avital Tsypin, mashes together a few different scenarios: Stern quietly sitting on her couch, Stern playing to a rowdy crowd of men lifting her above their heads and some creepy angel-like kid staring off into space. The video seems to be a fantasy, but maybe this is all real and Marnie Stern often finds herself wearing cool workout gear and being followed by a bunch of shirtless dudes as she runs down the street—it’s not that unrealistic. Watch the video below.