Marnie Stern’s new video for Noonan off her new album The Chronicles of Marnia, is like getting to watch that kooky dream your coworker had the night before and wants to tell you about in the office the next day (‘Last night, I dreamed I was playing a concert for an audience of dogs!’). Just as in dreams, the video for Noonan is harmless and carries with it a bit of meaning. The meaning here is: Marnie wuvs wittle doggies. If you’re an in-the-know Stern fan then you probably know how much she just adores her little tiny terrier, Fig.

All the big-eyed pups in the video might be one of the first audiences to have the ability to captivating the performer more than the performer is able to captivate them. When Marnie croons, “Don’t you want to be somebody?” it’s like sweet-talkin’ a crowd of already head-turning charmers. Just look at those big eager eyes! So, in the grand scheme of things, as an artist, you instantly capture your audience when you cast a bunch of pups in your video.