Electronic duo Majical Cloudz have released (via NPR) an abstract and slimy video for their song Bugs Don’t Buzz. The cringe-worthy clip was directed by Gordon von Steiner, who takes the track’s lyrics “Wait with me in slimy wet darkness” and “We’ll be just like the roaches, my love,” and translates them in a literal sense.
Steiner takes the viewer on a journey into a miniature bug universe where insects crawl over various wet and grimy surfaces, including someone’s mud-caked eye. All the while, an unexplained gooey, dark figure (a member of the Blue Man Group in disguise?) makes its way into the bug dwelling and sets it on fire. Ah well. Bugs Don’t Buzz is featured on the band’s debut album Impersonator, released this May via Matador. Check out the video for Bugs Don’t Buzz below, and consider delaying lunch.