Earlier this year, expat Travis Stewart, known as Machinedrum, signed to Ninja Tune, promising three new full-lengths. The first is Vapor City, due to hit shelves September 30. In June, he released the album’s first single, “Eyesdontlie.” Now, he’s enlisted Weirdcore to make a trippy midi journey through an urban landscape. It’s not Stewart’s most forward-thinking work, but it is enjoyable.
Stewart has been making music in some form or another for over a decade. But in the last three years he’s become an industry staple, maneuvering through both underground and mainstream scenes. Last year, he was one of the producers behind Azealia Banks 1991 EP. When he’s not producing pop records he’s a member of Sepalcure, Dream Continuum and JETS. Watch the video for “Eyesdontlie,” below.