CMJ 2012 stand-out Mac DeMarco is back with another video for a track off 2012’s easy-going and deceptively clever 2. Where DeMarco’s last video for “Ode To Viceroy” was a grainy, VHS-scrambled affair complete with fisheye lenses and goofy slacker antics, this clip is a considerable jump in composition and ambition. Also, he wears a dress, which is always a plus.
The video, directed by Alex Lill, finds DeMarco applying some vaguely Joker-like make-up and donning a dress while singing the twinkling, romantic song. As the camera follows him around what appears to be the backstage of a circus, he gradually takes off his clothes, coils himself into a naked ball and climbs into a box, which is probably a pretty typical day for DeMarco. Check out the video (via Nowness) below.

Mac DeMarco: My Kind of Woman on