Mac DeMarco seems like a goofy dude. With his constant grin, his playful song titles and his odd penchant for making out with audience members at his shows, it can be hard to take him seriously, and I’m not even sure he wants to be taken seriously. He’s got a proven track record of wonton silliness, so it makes sense that his latest video, for the easy-going 2 cut “Dreaming,” is based around two popular habits for eight-year-olds: dressing up in ridiculous costumes and making a mess.
Over the song’s gentle strum, DeMarco does his best Jason Schwartzman in Marie Antoinette impression, rocking a powdered wig and some nice ruffles—though he should probably get a new pair of shoes. Then just as you think the video’s about to end, he gets slimed. Big, thick, Nickelodeon style slime. It’s gross and strange, but it’s worth a watch. Check it out, below.