The last chapter of a trilogy is usually the trickiest—insert hack Sofia Coppola joke and Godfather Part III YouTube clip here—but Anthony Gonzalez of M83, directors Fleur and Manu, and the good people at the Creators Project have pulled it off with “Wait,” the chilling conclusion to a trilogy of videos that began earlier this year with clips for “Midnight City” and “Reunion.”
The “Wait” video has everything you could ever want: scary-looking wolves, birds, overturned cars, explosions, an ominous kid wearing a cape in the desert, dangerous skydiving, some 2001 imagery and more. “We felt it was important to re-connect with a meaningful subject that would have an echo in today’s world,” the directors say in a press release. “The promise of a new cycle, seen through the kid’s eyes.”
So, yeah, hope, change, renewal‐all that gooey stuff. And it’s way shorter than the last Lord Of The Rings movie, so watch it below and try to cobble together all the plot points and thematic concerns from the other videos. There will be a test.