You probably know who Lil B is. You probably know he puts out more mixtapes than you really have time to listen to, including one this past December that spanned an insane 101 tracks. What you may not know is he’s in a feud with Oklahoma City power forward Kevin Durant. It started all the way back in 2011 when Durant said Lil B was a bad rapper and it’s still going on, if only to give B’s upcoming mixtape, Hoop Life, some thematic structure. In any case, rather than getting mad, Lil B has decided to get even. He just dropped a new video, Gotta Make The NBA, in which he sets up a Herculean narrative where he must win 50 basketball games out of 100 to get the chance to play on an offical NBA team. Will our hero prevail? Or will he be tossed to the wolves on account of a sloppy jump shot? Is this all a dream? Decide for yourself below.