Liars have never been secretive about their geeky sports-fandom—take a second to think about the title of “No. 1 Against The Rush”—and now they’ve gone ahead and made a whole video that plays like an expressionistic highlight reel. The clip, directed by Alex/2Tone, takes WIXIW’s moving title track and combines it with basketball, austere black-and-white photography and some tribal masks to make a pretty cool and bizarre video.
When I spoke to the band’s gangly frontman, Angus Andrew, for an interview last year, I asked him what NBA team he’d compare his band to, and he was quick to say the Clippers, so keep your eyes peeled for any hidden allusions to Lob City. Watch the video below. Then maybe watch this toddler make trick shots to keep the basketball thing going for the rest of your afternoon.