One of DFA’s many oddballs, Larry Gus, has put together a video for “The Night Patrols (A Man Asleep)” (a track featured on our August Mixtape.) It’s a clash of the nostalgic and the pathetic, and, naturally, includes a mobile DJ from high school dance nightmares, omnipresent attendees making requests, and cringeworthy dance moves. All that said, everyone appears to be having fun—and that’s what’s important, isn’t it?
The track itself is off Gus’s upcoming album, Years Not Living, which seems to be headed in the same direction as 2012’s Silent Congas; he has real infatuation with afro-beat-styled rhythms, and his voice sounds as though it could be on any number of ’80s pop rock records. Check it out in the video for “The Night Patrols (A Man Asleep),” below.