If you aren’t familiar, La Luz is a post-Phil Spector all-femme surf-sludge quartet. The video for their latest single Brainwash (available via Suicide Squeeze) has a subdued, flowery quality to it that The Crystals and The Ronettes might’ve had if they had locked Spector in a closet for all of the ’60s.
In the video for Brainwash, the band casts themselves as members of one of the most perturbing forces in the 21st century: the media. With bright colors and soft smiles, the girls star as TV sweethearts with a covert agenda. Watch as they brainwash a poor bloke in a Mr. Rogers sweater into drinking what looks like strawberry Ovaltine. La Luz are fun and goofy on the surface, but I wouldn’t cross them—better just to gulp that Ovaltine.