The video for “Månelyst,” one of the many visceral metal assaults off Kvelertak‘s spine-busting piledriver of a record Meir, was a terrifying beast. Fusing about 50 years of horror movie cliches into one clip, it showed off the band’s grisly side without necessarily displaying its personality. The freshly-released (via Spin) video for “Kveletak”—yes, it’s named after the band—does a better job of showing off how fun-loving these Norwegian metal gods can be.
The clip, directed by Stian Andersen, is a high-octane portrait of the band on the road. Crystal Castles take note: This is how you make a tour video. You’ve got shots of crowds, time-lapse photography of stage’s being set up, copious alcohol consumption, people making out, lots of tattoos, drummers air-drumming and a dude wearing an owl head. Drake would approve. Watch the video below.