Kurt Vile’s new video for “KV Crimes” might come off as a tad inflated if you don’t know all the recent events in the Universe of Vile. So, to ensure that this cheeky video directed by Best Show host Tom Scharpling doesn’t rub you the wrong way, we’d like to preface it with the news that August 28th will from here on out be Kurt Vile Day—at least within the city of Philly.
On August 28th, Vile will be bestowed with the Liberty Bell Award: the most prestigious award Philly can give to its native citizens. On that same day, Vile will perform a free show at Philly’s City Hall Courtyard. Now, don’t think that with all this honorary fuss that the free-spirited Vile is about to become some posh schmuck. Have no fear. In this celebratory video for KV Crimes, he looks as though he really couldn’t care less about celebrity. It’s for this low-key demeanor, and the fact that all he really wants is a hoagie from Wawa, that there is now an official Kurt Vile Day—oh, and also the fact that his most recent album, Walkin’ On Pretty Daze, is worthy of its own award. Check out the video below.