Kurt Vile has released a video for the dreamy, easy-going track “Never Run Away” off of his latest album Wakin On A Pretty Daze. The video, which looks like it was shot with a vintage Holga camera, is set against some of the more majestic spots in Vile’s hometown of Philadelphia. With simple white attire and his slouching posture, he makes for a perpetually mellow but charming tour guide.
Vile’s new video is similar in tone with the precious album preview video he released back in March. He has a knack for taking something humdrum and investing it with meaning: the mundane Philly backdrops become mesmerizing vistas when viewed through Vile’s squinting eyes. It’s like he’s out to show us that he’s right where we are in the monotony of every day life—and he’s OK with that. Watch the video below.