Enlisting the help of Zach Galifianakis for your music video is nearly always guaranteed to yield positive results—just ask Kanye West or Fiona Apple. This time, Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew has decided to utilize Galifianakis for his You In Your Were, video, which features a tyrannical Galifianakis bullying a hopelessly compliant Drew into accepting his creative vision.
In between jumping with Feist and criticizing the song’s title, Galifianakis’s overarching presence shouldn’t detract from this promising release off Drew’s second solo attempt, Darlings. Though the video is infinitely less provocative than Drew’s first video from Canadian director Samir Reheem, it still contains some seemingly signature elements of absurdist content, primarily deriving from having to watch Galifianakis angrily choreograph a throng of visibly professional dancers. Watch the clip below (via  Funny or Die) and in the event that you want to watch Drew give Feist a piggyback ride, be sure to stick around for the end.