After The Smith’s broke up in 1987, the nomadic guitar virtuoso Johnny Marr spent time traversing from band to band, with names such as The The, Electronic with New Order’s Bernard Summer, Modest Mouse and most recently the Cribs, offering his vocals and world-renowned fret-burning skills to a variety of musical tracks. Now, 25 years later, Marr has finally settled down to record his debut solo album, The Messenger.
Having just released the album’s titular track, Marr also included the song’s video as a bonus for listeners. In the black-and-white clip, Marr journeys on foot through the trees to his desolate beach destination, where he gracefully shreds his infamous guitar riffs and bounces around halfheartedly under the picturesque ocean moonlight. Check it out, below.

The Messenger is set to be released on February 26 next year off of Sire/ADA. Marr finished recording the 12-track album in Manchester and Berlin, and mastering at the famous Abbey Road. In addition to “The Messenger,” some track titles expected to be seen on the album are “I Want The Heartbeat,” “The Right Thing Right,” “Upstart” “Word Starts Attack” and “European Me.” Until its release, enjoy Marr’s famous jangle pop guitar melodies on “The Messenger.”