Folk singer and harp virtuoso Joanna Newsom hasn’t been too busy since releasing 2010’s epic Have One On Me, but today she’s released a calming, beautifully shot video of a cover she recorded of Sandy Denny’s 1971 song “The North Star Grassman And The Ravens.” The video doesn’t have any ravens in it, though an angry owl does make an appearance, and it looks a lot like the similarly perturbed bird featured in the artwork for Drake’s recent shot-throwing track “5 A.M. In Toronto.” Is this a hint at a future Newsom and Drake collaboration, or are owls just really big in 2013?
Besides the owl, the video also features Newsom walking around in nature while wearing some nice clothes, presumably from the Wren, the L.A.-based fashion line for which Newsom recorded the song. Check it out below.