With her sophomore effort, The Electric Lady, set for release on September 10 via Bad Boy, Janelle Monae appears poised to rocket to stardom. Monae’s excellent debut LP, 2010’s The ArchAndroid, garnered favor in the eyes of many, serving as a formidable launch pad to the next echelon of popularity.
That being the case, the video for her latest single Dance Apocalyptic depicts Monae embracing her newfound stardom while delivering a vibrant televised performance to a captivated audience. The video carries a passing resemblance to what could be a modern version of American Bandstand, which, incidentally, solidified the stardom of countless musicians decades ago.
On The ArchAndroid Monae offered an ultimatum: “Dance Or Die”. However, set on the brink of doomsday, “Dance Apocalyptic” provides no choice—our only option is to keep calm and dance until the very end. Who can say no to that?