If you’ve ever been so let down by a music video that you find yourself muttering, “I could’ve done it better,” well, here’s your chance to sorta do just that. Without a film degree or even a passing familiarity with the video feature on your smartphone, you can rearrange electronic artist Jacques Greene’s video for “On Your Side” featuring the soulful croonings of How To Dress Well from Greene’s forthcoming, yet to be titled, EP.
Here’s what you have to work with: the video consists of five quadrilaterals against a black backdrop, and inside each of the quadrilaterals is some serenely stunning images that would make for useful stock-footage. You get free reign to arrange these quadrilaterals any way your artistic eye leads you. I mean, yeah, that’s it—but it’s more creative license than you usually get when it comes to your favorite artists’ videos. Your film editing debut starts now.