Today, Invisible Children is releasing the first round of music videos as part of its new Silver Series initiative on the organization’s music blog. On the 25th anniversary of civil war in East Africa, the grassroots anti-war organization created the series as a platform for up-and-coming artists to use their music as a tool for education and awareness of the ongoing war.

Invisible Children, founded in 2003 by Jason Russell, Bobby Bailey and Laren Poole, is an organization aiming to mobilize thousands of American teens into action in order to raise money for schools in Uganda, providing education and shelter for children in the war-torn country. The documentary that the organization stemmed out of exposes the thousands of Ugandan children who are forced to relocate every night during night commutes in order to seek refuge and avoid abduction into child-armies.

The Silver Series uniquely presents artists in an unconventional way; the musicians perform from treetops, empty swimming pools, even in sewer tunnels. These 25 music videos feature musicians in support of the cause, including Guards, Sun Airway, Memoryhouse, Maps And Atlases, Wye Oak, and many others. Their effort to raise awareness has gone beyond those videos, and now Invisible Children is releasing more videos by many involved artists. These intimate and revealing music videos were filmed over a four day period.

Check out Spirit Family Reunion performing “I’ll Find A Way” in the middle of a field, while Sun Airway sneaks into an empty and gated-off pool in order to perform “Put The Days Away” below. More music videos are featured on the Invisible Children Vimeo page, and viewers can remain updated on new music videos by visiting the Invisible Children Music Page.[/vimeo]