With a title like “Ecstasy,” I thought the new video from Iceage would find the angst-filled Copenhagen punk band in a more upbeat mood. Maybe some brightly colored imagery? Maybe some big smiles? Maybe something like this?
Well, it turns out “Ecstasy,” a cut off the band’s previously announced album, You’re Nothing, does not refer to the sweat-inducing pill. Instead, for Iceage, “Ecstasy” means… burning flowers and running dogs? This curious clip finds the band up to no good as they thrash around a grimy punk venue, set fire to a perfectly nice bouquet and generally run amok of everything. It’s dark stuff, but it’s also shot through with the frantic, propulsive energy the group is known for. Check it out below.

You’re Nothing is due out on February 19 via Matador.