With their second album The Moon Rang Like A Bell out now, Hundred Waters have released an ethereal music video to accompany their single, Murmurs. The video, which begins with lead singer Nicole Miglis gazing into the camera with a penetrating stare,  feels like the appropriate visual accompaniment to a song so thickly layered with haunting vocals and pillowy loops. 
Directed by Allie Avital Tsypin of BANGS, the video’s weight comes from the slowly moving mass of construction workers encircling Miglis. Their odd, removed interactions with each other add layers of delicate complexity to a song heavily reliant on its own mystique. Given that the house Miglis is singing in begins collapsing halfway through the video, the presence of the construction workers is a bit unclear, but the brief moment where embraces one of the workers could imply that she craves intimacy from people who fix things. That, or some other vague poetic interpretation I’m likely missing here. Check out the video below.