Hooded Fang have just released the video for Bye Bye Land off their sophomore LP, Graves, and it’s expectedly weird. The song itself is serene and twangy, with Daniel Lee’s baritone vocals crawling over plucky guitars and unoffensive drums, but its accompanying clip will leave you with a puzzled and grumpy look on your face—you know, the one where you squint your eyes and give yourself a double-chin.
Shot in the desert of Guanajuato, Mexico, the video features a group of women sporting cheap-looking animal masks, dancing like they’re trying to fight off a swarm of irritated hornets. Then there’s a karate-chopping, hair-pulling fight. It’s like a nightmarish three-minute montage of the worst parts of Burning Man. But don’t let that stop you from checking out the video for Bye Bye Land, below—there’s a furry surprise at the end. Hooded Fang’s track Ode To Subterrania is featured on this month’s CMJ mixtape, so give it a download.