After hearing Holychild’s track Every Time I Fall last month, it was clear that the L.A. duo was up to something big. With yesterday’s release of their EP, Mindspeak, Holychild dropped a trilogy video/short film for three album cuts this morning. The videos tell a story of objectification of women and the power and pitfalls within it. Lead singer of Holychild and video director Liz Nistico made a powerful statement about the trilogy, saying in a press release:

The three videos that make up Mindspeak portray the contradictions I see existing around the objectification of women. Essentially I felt like a hypocrite saying, “Down with objectification!” But at the same, I feel ashamed if I am not objectified nor desired. The more I thought about it, the more I saw certain layers around this concept that I wanted to reveal. The first video, Happy With Me, shows the power females can have by being objectified. In the second video, Every Time I Fall, the girls allow the men to judge them and they lose the power. In the final video, Pretend Believe, the men have the power, and the girls are broken and angry at themselves for perpetuating the situation. No matter how one views it, I wanted to leave the film open to interpretation. Specifically I wanted to strike a feeling of nostalgia on one hand, but challenge the audience and make them uncomfortable on the other. Ultimately it’s all an autobiographical account of extreme contemplation on our culture.

The sequence is colorful, the songs are fun and the message packs a wallop. Check it out (via Stereogum) below.