Last month Odd Future member Hodgy Beats released his second EP, Untitled EP 2, which you can grab right here. Yesterday, Hodgy released a video for one of the EP’s standout tracks, “Alone.” Directed by Ian Flanagan, it has an cartoonish hazy dream feel as it quickly flicks between different scenarios. In a stream of consciousness, Hodgy calmly throws it all on the table: fatherhood, career goals, and relationships. It doesn’t have the manic energy of some of this earlier songs, but his growth as an artist is obvious.
Hodgy Beats is one of the original members of Odd Future and one half of the duo MellowHype with Left Brain. He’s been a constant fixture on the studio albums of Tyler, The Creator and the collective’s OFWGKTA albums. Whether or not he plans to release a full length solo studio album is unknown. Watch the video for “Alone,” below and maybe let it make you feel less alone.