Whenever the conversation shifts to feelings, people usually start to fidget. It makes sense that surf-garage musician Yoodoo Park, who performs under the moniker GRMLN, would write a song jabbing at things we’d like to brush under the rug. As his 2012 full-length debut Empire suggested, he’s a slightly further west Jimmy Eat World who hasn’t quite tapped into the songwriting that made that band so tween-ly meaningful. But he’s getting there.
Park’s new video for Do You Know How It Feels? capitalizes on the discomfort that comes with having emotions. Wearing a mask, being incarcerated in an animal prison, outrunning a mass of people, searching for escape—yup, that’s what it’s like to share your feelings sometimes. Especially when someone asks you an open-ended question like “Do you know how it feels?” Watch GRMLN and his crew escape the fate of being caged (via Spin), below.