Killer Mike and El-P’s collaborative album Run The Jewels is one the most purely fun records of the year so far, so it only makes sense that the duo has released a video that feels like yet another chance for the them to goof on each other. The clip for “36” Chain” is a sequel of sorts to El-P’s maniacal and hilarious video for “The Full Retard.” Where that video found the Brooklyn rapper cruising around with a drug-sniffing puppet named Killums, this new video raises the stakes: Killums is in danger. And only El-P and Killer Mike can save him.
Things escalate quickly after a presumably reformed Killums gets kidnapped by some masked bad guys. In perfect cop-show fashion, El-P and Killer Mike storm the villain’s compound and deal out some punishment to a wide range of criminal types, including Andrew W.K., actress Amber Tamblyn and a sweet old lady. There’s even a Law And Order-style twist at the end, so pay attention and watch “36” Chain” below.