UK drama-pop band Duologue just got back home from some shows at CMJ Music Marathon and the Culture Collide in L.A.. But apparently, from the looks of this brand new video for Talk Shop, they didn’t get enough Mexican food while in the States. Or at least their David Cross-looking pal didn’t. So in this vid, he catches up with gut-busting amounts of beans and margaritas. The incongruity between the band’s fairly suave sounds and Cross-guy’s insatiable noshing makes for a funny clip.
According to singer Tim Digby-Bell: “I directed the video with school buddies Dom Graham Hyde and Greg Hughes. Dom and Greg always used to go for meals at this Mexican place. Greg would do all of the challenges, get drunk and dance about. Dom said it was like watching a music video anyway, so we thought we might as well make it. Greg had never done a video before, but the guy is a genius. The restaurant owners were great. Greg’s like a celebrity in there now. They basically plied us with tequila and let us do whatever we wanted.”
Talk Shop is off Duologue’s recently released album, Song & Dance, which you can download for nothing right here.