A bit of time has passed since Wye Oak front-woman Jenn Wasner and White Life producer Jon Ehrens’ mutual love for R&B and Top 40 pop hits birthed their unlikely collaboration, the 90’s-esque synth pop duo Dungeonesse. Since their inception, Dungeonesse have released a string of beautiful singles to accompany their stunning debut LP, and now that the album is out the pair has turned its energies towards making videos for those songs.
Directed by Ariana Natale, their most recent video for “Nightlight” is a psychedelic trip rife with colorful hues that complement the track’s glistening synths and aquatic production. “Nightlight” features Wasner roaming aimlessly within the confines of her intricately decorated bedroom (At the 0:24 mark there appears to be a book labeled “Drugs” as well as a similar book labeled “The Mind” at the 3:17 mark—take from that what you will). Check out the video below.