Repave, the sophomore effort from Justin Vernon (a.k.a. Bon Iver)’s pet project, Volcano Choir, is due out on September 3 via Jagjaguwar. To satisfy those who’ve longed for greater insight into Repave‘s creative conception and subsequent birthing, Volcano Choir have released a 10-minute documentary directed by Dan Huiting that chronicles the making of the album.
Steadied by snippets of Repave‘s unreleased material, the video features interviews with bandmates detailing how Volcano Choir crystalized as a band, as well as deviated from the sound of their debut album, 2009’s Unmask. Check out the documentary and Justin Vernon’s fuzzy sweaters, along with Repave‘s tracklist below.

Tracklist For Repave:
01. Tiderays
02. Acetate
03. Comrade
04. Byegone
05. Alaskans
06. Dancepack
07. Keel
08. Almanac