Disclosure‘s new single, “You And Me,” is one of those tricky songs that manages to sound buoyant and melancholy at the same time, so it’s fitting that the track now has an equally ambiguous and gorgeous video to go along with it. The track features vocals from English singer Eliza Doolittle, but the video casts two young actors as the central “You” and “Me” of the title, letting them run amok around Europe.
The clip kicks off with a big old “Parental Advisory” warning, but compared to many self-consciously line-pushing videos out now—here’s looking at you Wayne Coyne—this is relatively tame. The couple is mostly up to typical young-people-in-love shenanigans—doing handstands, taking flaming shots off the bar, chasing each other with dildos—you know, normal kid stuff. Things get a little darker and angrier towards the end, but the video retains a light touch throughout. Watch the video below.

Settle comes out June 3 via PMR.